My name is Tony Varela and I am 37 years old. By profession I am an aerospace engineer from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Germany. I worked 5 years in the European aerospace industry to later make a radical change in my life and become a nature tourism entrepreneur, 10 years ago when I returned to Colombia. I am the Dad of Simone (6 years old) and Samay (4 years old), passionate about reading, the art of nature, quantum physics and neuroscience. I am currently studying Triathlon & Endurance Coach remotely at the Sports Academy University of Stuttgart, Germany with an emphasis on Mental Coaching.


I am a mountain lover and I have been through many more sports. Until I was 18 I practiced sport competitively (Swimming, Volleyball, Olympic Diving). I have been dedicated to triathlon and endurance sports for 6 years. My great goal is to qualify for the Ironman series long-distance triathlon world championship in Kona, Hawaii in 2022 and compete there in 2023. My purpose as a person is to make an extraordinary impact on the lives of the people I love, through example of balance, growth and personal improvement. I have found that my mission in this world is BE A GROWTH FACILITATOR.


9x IM 70.3 Finisher with various Top10 - 4x IM 140.6 Finisher with Top15

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